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Who we are

Our purpose is to bring humanity prosperity through the application of AI. Our mission is to use the frontier of academic knowledge to solve business problems. We are the straight As math nerds that made extra work just for the pleasure of learning.

What we do

Telos – Chatbots for text, voice or phone applications

Free up time for you and your team with the help of automated FAQs, forms, surveys and even scheduling meetings.

Ceres – HR predictions and optimization

Increase your team’s productivity, reduce costs, get your employees more motivated, and be prepared for personnel needs using AIs for scheduling, finding the employability and probabilities of employee health problems.

Athena –Location, product mix and sizing optimization

Maximize profits and improve customers satisfaction with our AI for chains of stores, banks, restaurants, etc. that determines the best locations, how to use the available space and the correct size for each location.

Mercurius – Sales predictions and optimization

Improve your sales performance with KPIs, conversion rates, product recommendations, customer segmentation, optimized pricing, and sales forecasts.

Abeona – Supply chain optimization

Reduce costs and risks by using operations research AIs to optimize transportation and manufacturing plans for the whole supply chain from beginning to end.

New customized products

Scientia is available to develop new tools based on our knowledge of statistics, mathematics, operations research, machine learning and more.

Angelia – Marketing predictions and optimization

Increase the ROI of your marketing by discovering the best channels, advertising pieces and ideal target audience to generate more and better leads.

Plutus –Financial predictions and optimization

Reduce costs, increase return and protect your available cash with our IA forecasting and cash flow optimization, investments and financing.

Who is Scientia for?

We develop projects for startups, midsize and large companies and multinationals in various countries, mainly located in the US and Europe. We work for consulting, software, retail, IT and many other sectors.

Our work is data driven. It is from them that we can improve businesses’ results, so having some database is a fundamental requirement for the application of our solutions.

Is your company looking for innovation and new solutions? You’re in the right place.

What our customers say

“Magno from Scientia was truly great! Their team helped us solve our forecast formulas to increase our models profit potential. Machine learning in every business is now essential to create your edge in the market place. We look forward to working with Magno again soon.” 

Max Rybinski

Central Trading Academy – Hong Kong

“Magno has represented Moogilu as the Chief Scientist.  With his insight, education, and deep thinking, we have been able to solve a variety of problems in Logistics, Product Placement, and Demand Forecasting. He is probably one of the few AI specialists who combine Mathematical Optimization, Machine Learning, Convolution Network, and Reinforcement Learning. This unique perspective has helped us address problems in refreshing new ways and arrive at solutions that have wowed our customers.  He has single-handedly put us on the map of AI providers for customers in Silicon Valley and other parts of the world. “

Jagadish Channagiri

Moogilu – Silicon Valley

“Precisamos da ajuda do Magno quando quisemos entender melhor e a  avaliar a proposta da Unimed para desconto dos honorários visando a quitação parcial de prejuízos em administração passadas fraudulentas. Ele nos orientou em relação a análise dos balanços e na comparação da Unimed com outras operadoras de saúde, para que entendêssemos melhor o risco e o compromisso que estávamos assumindo. Além de brilhante o Magno é muito comprometido em atender as necessidades daqueles que o procuram. Depois de trabalharmos juntos vejo no Magno um excelente profissional e um amigo.”

Dr. Jose Alexandre Bastos Pereira

Suporte Diagnóstico em Oftalmologia - Rio de Janeiro

“Scientia is a very competent and reliable company. They were in charge of a project that was critical for my career and completed it with diligence and resourcefulness. I was very satisfied with the results, which were evidently a consequence of hard-work by skilled professionals. In addition, they were always on schedule and highly reachable. I recommend their work for anyone interested in fast, creative, and solid solutions.”

Thalita Speranza

MSc in Economics, Pompeu Fabra/Barcelona Graduate School of Economics


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