image About Us

Our passion for mathematics drives our solutions

Founded in 2017 by two economists that loved mathematics but had a hard time applying all the interesting techniques available to solve real problems Scientia quickly became a haven for many mathematicians, statisticians, data scientists, engineers and economists with similar angsts.

One of our first surprises was finding out how basic were the processes that even large companies were using to solve extremely complex problems which has led us to develop our first few products.

Astounded by the results applied mathematics could give we decided to coin the term MathMagic and use mythological names to our purely scientific products.

It's been a hard road and we're always learning how to deliver better solutions to our customers because there's nothing we like more than to see our expertise yield real results.


To bring the technological frontier of mathematics and statistics to optimize business decisions and processes


To become the reference of applied mathematics for companies' processes.


  • Honesty
  • Technical expertise
  • Data privacy
image Our purpose

To bring prosperity to humanity by applying AI technology to businesses

Today many people are scared about the possibility of AI technologies destroying jobs and causing social malaise but we have a completely different view.

Humanity has been scared of new technological leaps ever since the first industrial revolution but history has shown that societies that adopted more technologies have led ever better lives.

We believe that the AI revolution will be no different. The opportunity that AI brings is so massive that it can change our society completely, possibly enabling governments to offer universal basic income programs.

This means that everyone will be able to decide if they want to work and on what without concerns about monetary issues.

Let’s do our part and bring about a new future for humanity!

image Curiosity firing up development

What is an algorithm?

Algorithms are more present in our daily lives than you might think. A cake recipe, for example, is a simple form of algorithm.

It is nothing more than a set of defined rules and procedures that lead you to solve a problem in a finite number of steps.

For example, they are essential to understand the user's behavior on the internet and to improve digital resources and strategies, aiming to obtain a solution for a certain type of problem.

image The quest for knowledge

The analytics journey


Related to means, variances and simple time plots of past events. This is what most business intelligence currently revolve around.


A lot of machine learning revolves around these tasks of trying to predict the future, people's behavior, what a sound is saying, what an image contains or what a text means.


Part of frontier technology involving machine learning models, called explainable AI where people try to understand why a prediction model has yielded a given result.


The idea here is to find the best course of action for a non-trivial problem, reinforcement learning and operations research are part of this area of analytics. Some use cases are driverless cars and solving complex combinatorial problems.