imageLogistics AI


  • Abeona's delivery module let's you optimize delivery routes using real time traffic data
  • Abeona's supply chain module helps you find the best factory and distribution center locations, supply lines and sources of materials
  • Our customers have seen up to 28% logistics costs reduction while reducing risks!

How it works

  • The delivery module connects to your delivery management software to access your delivery data to make optimal routes
  • It also gathers traffic data including from our exclusive Aquila AI that tracks traffic to help you make adjustments to your routing schedule in real time as needed
  • The supply chain module connects to your ERP, databases and other sources of data to figure out the cheapest combinations of locations, transport lines and supply sources.
  • Abeona generates detailed analytics reports and dashboards providing you with the results found
  • We take care of the whole installation process
  • The delivery module is capable of changing your routing schedule automatically to avoid traffic!
  • The supply chain module is capable of finding supply chains strategies that reduce costs and risks that humans have a hard time finding!
  • Fully automated allowing you to get sales information faster, cheaper and avoiding human errors
  • Make data-driven decisions objectively without being affected by human bias or preconceptions
  • Have an AI that continuously learn improving its accuracy and following behavioral changes