imageMarketing AI


  • Discover what are the best channels, marketing pieces, timing and audiences for your sales
  • Imrove your marketing strategy by exploring the treasure trove of data available
  • Our customers have seen an average 30% increase in lead generation!

How it works

  • Angelia consumes data from your website, social media, email marketing, CRM, ERP, database or other systems to access your marketing and sales data to figure out what is driving sales
  • Angelia generates detailed analytics reports and dashboards providing you with the results found
  • We take care of the whole installation process
  • Angelia is capable of finding better strategies from your data that can lead to massive improvements!
  • Fully automated allowing you to get sales information faster, cheaper and avoiding human errors
  • Make data-driven decisions objectively without being affected by human bias or preconceptions
  • Have an AI that continuously learn improving s accuracy and following behavioral changes