imageCashflow AI


  • Find out the number of employees, contract types, professions needed and the optimal employee scheduling
  • Create a strategy that attends your employees preferences and reduces your payroll
  • Our customers have seen up to 37% payroll reductions while accommodating employee preferences!

How it works

  • Ceres connects to your employee scheduling manager, database or other system to access your scheduling data and what open spots need to be filled
  • Ceres generates detailed analytics reports and dashboards providing you with the results found
  • We take care of the whole installation process
  • Ceres is capable of finding scheduling plans that reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction!
  • Fully automated allowing you to get information faster, cheaper and avoiding human errors
  • Make data-driven decisions objectively without being affected by human bias or preconceptions
  • Have an AI that continuously learn improving s accuracy and following behavioral changes