At the end of this document, we at the site "SCIENTIA" list the glossary with some terms, in order to facilitate understanding.

Purpose of the Scientia Portal

1.1 This Portal is an internet site that was developed to allow the registration of people and companies to use the services of computational mathematics, with optimization and forecast calculations. This portal requires a registration to use free and paid services through purchase of keys, Payment Ids, that will be used in the site itself or in an API that makes available some of the services of the site, generating and downloading the generated files with scripting calculations, besides artificial intelligence and machine learning.

2. Accessible content

2.1 The users must have their own resources to access the Internet and this Portal, whose visitation is limited to the contents expressly offered, being subject to the application of the Brazilian penal legislation and being obliged to repair the damages that result from the misuse, being expressly prohibited:

2.1.1 Access to the Portal's programming areas, its database or any other set of information that is part of the webmastering activities;

2.1.2 Reverse engineering, translating or decompiling used source codes that are not opened for the purpose of copying, modifying, reproducing, renting, sublicenseing, publishing, broadcasting, transmitting, lending, distributing or otherwise disposing of tools of consultation of this Portal and its functionalities;

2.1.3 Use spider applications, or data mining, of any type or kind, in addition to another here not typified, but which acts in an automated way, both for mass operations or for any other purpose.

3. General information about the site and its operation

3.1 Scientia System strives to maintain the continuous and permanent availability of this Portal to the public as it is available, however:

3.1.1 Reserves the right to promote improvements and updates that may alter the structure or layout of the Portal, as it is convenient;

3.1.2 It is exempt from liability in the event that this Portal remains unavailable, or in the occurrence of damage, loss or loss in the equipment of users caused by failures in the system, in the server or in the connection to the Internet, including by actions of malicious software such as viruses, trojan horses, and others that may in any way damage the equipment or connection of users as a result of access, use or navigation on this Portal, as well as the transfer of data, files, images, audio, or videos contained therein.

3.2 Scientia System is not responsible for the acts practiced by users in its Portal, and each one is responsible for the use of the platform.

4. External links

4.1 The Portal may indicate external links for user access, but does not perform any verification, control, approval or guarantee of adequacy or accuracy of the information and data available on these links. Therefore, you will not be responsible:

4.1.1 For any damages resulting from users accessing these external links;

4.1.2 For damages, losses or damages caused by delays, defects, errors or omissions that may exist in the systems or services provided or by the visit to such sites or by the features offered there.

4.2 It is the users' duty to read the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and other legal documents of the websites accessed through the external links contained in our Portal, such as to act as determined in those texts.

5. Communication of Scientia System with its users

5.1 Scientia System may contact or submit content to users of the Portal who wish to receive information related to its mission. To do so, it is imperative that users provide accurate and accurate data and keep it current.

5.2 It is the sole responsibility of the users to adjust their anti-spam systems so that they do not interfere with receiving the communications and contents of the Portal, and no excuse is acceptable if they have not had access to some e-mail due to such blocking or similar filter.

6. Privacy of users in the Portal

6.1 Scientia System has a Privacy Policy, which regulates the treatment given to the registration information and other information and data collected, available at the link: www.scientiasystem.com/privacy. It is the duty of users to know this regulation.

6.2 The Privacy Policy is an integral and inseparable part of the Terms of Use and Navigation Conditions of this Portal and can be accessed through the link found in its footer.

6.3 If any provision of the Privacy Policy conflicts with any other provision of this document, the more specific provision shall prevail.

7. Ethical, Safe and Legal Use of Technology Resources

7.1 To be ethical means to act according to the rules that guide society, therefore, users must always respect the conditions governing the use of the Portal, failing to indemnify those who cause damage and have the access account of this Portal excluded .

7.2 In providing data and information, users are obliged to do so always with a commitment of veracity and authenticity.

7.3 Users must use the resources of this Portal for the purpose that has been set up.

7.4 Users shall maintain the confidentiality of their access account data, their password and other authentication devices in relation to third parties, not disclosing them or sharing with anyone.

7.5 If users suspect that password confidentiality has been broken or that some authentication device has been compromised, they should be swapped or updated as soon as possible. If you can not access the Internet for support, you should seek care from the available channels.

8. Copyright and intellectual property of Portal

8.1 By accessing this Portal, users undertake to respect all intellectual property rights and those arising from the protection of trademarks, patents and / or industrial designs, deposited or registered in the name of the Portal as well as all rights related to third parties that may or have been, in any way, available on the Portal.

8.2 The content made available by Scientia System, such as, but not limited to, institutional literature and videos, manuals, e-books, articles, texts, phrases, artistic works or music videos, press material, images and sound files are protected by the intellectual property rights and under no circumstances do users acquire any rights thereto, being allowed only to make a personal file of the content made available, unless expressly authorized to use them for specific purposes to be conferred by the holders of intellectual property rights and image.

8.2.1 Any re-use of the authorized material must be re-authorized by Scientia System.

8.2.2 The authorization to use the requested material can not be transferred to third parties, even if linked to the authorized subject for some reason.

8.2.3 Any use not contemplated in the aforementioned authorization may be considered as unlawful acts and subject to the penalties provided for in the legislation in force and of condemnation to the indemnification or compensation of those who suffer damages.

8.3 Reproduction, distribution, printing of copies for distribution and dissemination, in whole or in part, of the texts, images, booklets and videos that make up this Portal, provided that the content is not altered, partitioned or otherwise manipulated in any way. that precludes the faithful and real understanding of its content and purpose, except for a specific provision for each content on its own page.

8.4 Users assume all civil and / or criminal liability for the improper use of data and content published by the Portal, for example, but not limited to information, texts, graphics, trademarks, works and images.

8.5 The commercial use of the expression Scientia System, such as brand, corporate name or domain name, in addition to the contents of the Portal screens, as well as the programs, databases, networks and their files are the property of Scientia System and are protected by the laws and international treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs.

8.6 The eventual withdrawal of any content or functionality of this Portal as a result of any claim shall always be understood as a demonstration of our intention to avoid discomfort and, never, as recognition of guilt or any infringement by the Portal to the right of third parties.

8.7 If you submit content or ideas to the Scientia System through the Portal or by the channels disclosed regarding ideas for new products or services, improvements to existing ones, publicity campaigns or any other marketing action, they will cease to belong to the immaterial patrimony of the user, joining the portal, nothing can be claimed in this sense, especially pecuniary reward for what was sent or revision in the models used.

9. Operation of the platform

9.1 The Portal will offer a platform with web version and API.

9.2 In the web version the user will have access to a landing page of the product that he wants;

9.2.1 You can create an account, log in or purchase the product as a "guest", in which case you will not be required to register and keep "login and password";

9.2.2 The user uploads an Excel file with the predefined data and parameters;

9.2.3 After processing the file through the portal, the client obtains the original profit, optimized profit and the percentage of increase.

9.2.4 With this information you can choose whether to hire, that is, to buy the processed file, or not.

9.2.5 If the customer wishes to pay, they will be redirected to the payment intermediary portal (PayPal) to enter their payment information as well as their credit card information. You'll deposit credits into your account via PayPal, and decide whether to use the credits or not. Unused credits will be reimbursed.

9.2.6 After payment the client can download the file with the results.

9.3 In the API version, the customer must always observe the integration technical document (manual);

9.3.1. After accessing the API it will send all the data through a POST type request in JSON format, you will get a key to process your payment; and finally receive the result also in an .json file.

9.4 The Portal reserves the right not to publish or delete content sent by users, in its sole discretion and without the need for prior notice or obligation to indemnify anyone, in addition to being able to suspend, exclude or ban a certain user, without prejudice of the legal measures in respect, according to the gravity of the acts practiced that contain:

• Offense to honor, image, reputation and dignity of others;

• Pornography, pedophilia, and other forms of sexual satisfaction;

• Racism or discrimination of any kind;

• Bullying, Stalking or any other kind of illegal embarrassment or harassment;

• Manifest violation of copyright, intellectual property or right of image, as an example of plagiarism;

• Use of trademarks, symbols, logos or emblems of others;

• Instigation or apology for the practice of crimes, such as trafficking or use of narcotics, rape, homicide, stelionato, among others;

• Use of violence, dissemination of hatred or any other form of aggression to one's physical well-being;

• Economic activity similar to the Portal or that uses the platform to raise resources through third-party advertising instead of practicing regular interaction of the environment.

• Errors or suspicions of misconceptions about the accuracy of the submitted content or the author's declination or proper citation.

9.4.1 Users may rely on the email '[email protected] whenever they witness or verify inappropriate content on the site.

9.4.2. The report will be confidential and will preserve the user's identity.

10. Assistance and Support for access to the Portal10.1 If there is any doubt about the conditions established in this term or any document of the Portal, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

11. Modifications to these Terms and Conditions

11.1 The present Term of Use and Conditions of Navigation is subject to constant improvement and improvement. Thus, Portal reserves the right to modify at any time, unilaterally, this document and its Privacy Policy. Therefore, it is recommended that the user save a copy of these documents at the moment of creation of access account in the Portal, as the execution of each activity in it.

11.2 By browsing this Portal and using its features, you agree to be guided by the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Portal, and by the Privacy Policy that are in force on the date and, therefore, you must check them every time you visit this Portal .

12. General Provisions

12.1 The tolerance of any failure to comply with any of the clauses and conditions of this instrument shall not constitute a novation of the obligations set forth herein and shall not prevent or inhibit the enforceability of these clauses at any time.

12.2 This Portal is based on the official timetable of Brasilia.

2.3 If any provision of these Terms of Use is considered to be illegitimate by authority of the location that the user accesses the Portal, or maintains a link, the other conditions will remain in full force and effect until the second order.

12.4 Scientia System may change the eligibility criteria of your platform or perform activities on it at any time. You also have the right to refuse access to any person or entity that has previously failed to comply with the Terms of Use or legal document of the Portal and had your account suspended, deleted or banned for this reason.

13. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

13.1 The Terms and Conditions of Use described herein are interpreted in accordance with Brazilian law in the Portuguese language, and the Rio de Janeiro District Court Forum is elected in the State of Rio de Janeiro to resolve any dispute, question or supervening doubt, with express waiver of any other, however privileged it may be.

14. Glossary

Anti-Spam: A system that prevents unwanted mail, such as mass advertising, by blocking messages or moving them to a specific folder.

Spider application: Program designed to obtain information in an automated way on the internet, browsing the web (web) as if it were a spider.

Access Account: A registered visitor's credential that allows access to the restricted area and unique features, which is defined by the username and password.


Layout: Set comprised of appearance, design and portal flows.

Link: Terminology for internet address.

Logs: Logs of user activities made in the Portal.

Portal: Designates the electronic addresses “https://scientiasystem.com", and its subdomains.

Website: Designation for web pages.

User: All visitors registered in the Portal.

Webmastering: Understands the creation, programming, development, control and availability of internet pages.

Update: December 19th, 2018.