Our products

From a data driven perspective and using advanced math we optimize your results.

 Using machine learning techniques, we create artificial intelligence that continually learns as it receives more data, resulting in accuracy, assertiveness and keeping pace with changes in your market.

 By applying data-driven and mathematical decisions, your business benefits from objective resolutions  that are free of human biases, prejudice, or case-by-case experiences by taking advantage that our AIs can realize things that we humans can’t.

 Whether you want to implement a successful strategy or add value to the product or service your company has to offer you are in the right place. Get to know our products.

Telos – Chatbots for text, voice or phone applications

Free up time for you and your team with the help of automated FAQs, forms, surveys and even scheduling meetings.

Ceres – HR predictions and optimization

Increase your team’s productivity, reduce costs, get your employees more motivated, and be prepared for personnel needs using AIs for scheduling, finding the employability and probabilities of employee health problems.

Athena –Location, product mix and sizing optimization

Maximize profits and improve customers satisfaction with our AI for chains of stores, banks, restaurants, etc. that determines the best locations, how to use the available space and the correct size for each location.

Mercurius – Sales predictions and optimization

Improve your sales performance with KPIs, conversion rates, product recommendations, customer segmentation, optimized pricing, and sales forecasts.

Abeona – Supply chain optimization

Reduce costs and risks by using operations research AIs to optimize transportation and manufacturing plans for the whole supply chain from beginning to end.

New customized products

Scientia is available to develop new tools based on our knowledge of statistics, mathematics, operations research, machine learning and more.

Angelia – Marketing predictions and optimization

Increase the ROI of your marketing by discovering the best channels, advertising pieces and ideal target audience to generate more and better leads.

Plutus –Financial predictions and optimization

Reduce costs, increase return and protect your available cash with our IA forecasting and cash flow optimization, investments and financing.

Our tools

We develop custom tools that, based on our team’s experience, adapt to our customers’ needs. Some examples of what we use are:

– Python (Numpy, Pandas, Keras, Tensorflow, among many others)
– C ++
– R

the big question

What is an algorithm anyway?

Algorithms are more present in our daily lives than you might think. A cake recipe, for example, is a simple form of an algorithm. It is nothing more than a set of defined rules and procedures that lead you to solve a problem in a finite number of steps.


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